Online & Custom Order Cancellations

Please note: You can request as many changes as you want until you are happy with the way your custom item looks. Therefore, there is usually no reason for cancellation. Changes are free of charge, as long as they are within the original amount that you paid, and as long as you have not yet approved or placed your online order. However, if you are adding things to your order, then we will indicate the additional amount that you owe and you will need to pay it once you approve the design.

Should you wish to cancel your order, you will be subject to a cancellation fee based on the current production status of your job. The fees are as follows:

  • 10% prior to a proof being sent.
  • 30%after proof has been created, but prior to customer approval.
  • NO REFUND — There will be no refunds of any kind AFTER an order has been approved.


Making changes after your custom order is approved and in production: Once we have received your final approval of the proof, no changes are allowed to the artwork, design, clothing size, job characteristics, or turnaround time. Change requests after an order has been APPROVED or placed online will incur a minimum charge of $50. No exceptions. It does not matter how minor the change may seem or how soon after the order has been APPROVED. In some circumstances, a change request may be subject to the full price of a new garment.

Custom artwork digitizing: Since digitizing is a service that we pay our artists to perform for you, we do not allow refunds for digitizing. We will tweak your design until you are happy with it, but if you want an entirely different design, you will have to pay a separate digitizing fee.

What if my custom item doesn’t fit? As the customer, you are 100% responsible for choosing the correct size. Since all merchandise is made to order, we cannot accept returns or exchanges if you choose the wrong size. We provide plenty of ways to help you choose the correct size. Please review our sizing charts.

Non-Custom Order Cancellations

Non-custom orders that are cancelled are subject to a cancellation fee based on the current production status of your job. The fees are as follows:

  • 10% — if you cancel within 24 hours of placing your non-custom order, as long as your order has not yet shipped out.
  • 30% — if your order is marked as Approved, Completed or In Production


Making changes once your order is approved and in production: If you want to change a non-custom order once we have started making it, there will be a 30% restocking fee because we have to restock the item that we started making for you, order a new garment from the manufacturer, and start the process all over again making your new item.

After we have shipped your order: If we have already shipped your order but you decide to cancel, you will need to return your unused, unworn, non-custom item(s) to us within 7 days of receipt. After your items are back in our possession, we will issue you a store credit minus the 30% restocking fee.

What if my non-custom item doesn’t fit? You can return your unused, unworn, non-custom item(s) to us within 7 days of receipt. After your items are back in our possession, you can either exchange for a different size, or get a store credit for the full amount of your purchase.

Tip: If you are debating between two sizes, we suggest that you go with the larger size. You can always take the garment to a local alterations shop and have them remove material to make it fit you perfectly.

For All Orders

Complaints: All complaints must be registered within 7 days of receipt of your order. Should the order contain manufacturing errors and/or defects, we will gladly fix or replace it. Please note that in some cases the garment pockets may be sewn partially or completely shut to incorporate a desired design. This happens most often on small and medium sized garments. This is a normal occurrence and does not constitute a manufacturing error.

Also note that the colors you see on your screen may differ from the actual color of the garments and materials in real life. This is a normal occurrence and does not constitute a manufacturing error.

Brand of Garment: If you want a particular brand of garment, then you must request that particular brand in writing. Otherwise, we will fulfill your order based on whatever brand is available at the time, as long as it the same color, style, and size that you selected. Specific brands are subject to availability, and requiring a specific brand may increase the price and/or delay your order.

Out of Stock Items: If the particular garment size and/or color that you ordered is currently out of stock or on back order, you may either:

  1. Choose a different size and/or color,
  2. Wait until your particular size and color is in stock, or
  3. Request a full refund or store credit.

Cancelling After Production Has Started: Under no circumstances may an order be cancelled once production has started.

The customer will indemnify and hold harmless Kulture Fitz and its affiliates from any and all losses, cost expense, and damages on any and all manner of claims, demands, actions, and proceeding that may be instituted against Kulture Fitz on the grounds alleging that said designs or artwork violates any copyright or any proprietary right of any person or entity.

All images displayed on this site are requested by customers for their personal use. Any similarity between the images contained herein and any person’s likeness or any company trademark or logo is purely coincidental. Kulture Fitz assumes no liability or responsibility to determine whether a customer has secured consent from any party for the use of their image, logo or trademark. The customer absorbs sole responsibility for securing usage rights for all copyrighted artwork.

The customer represents that all materials utilized by the seller in the distribution of the merchandise described in this web site (specifically including, but not limited to, the Greek Organization’s letters, crests, coat of arms, logos, school or university references, insignias, or other designs) will not cause or result in the violation of any law, judicial decision, rule, regulation, ordinance, licensing, franchise or similar agreements, informal or formal, oral or written, relating to trademarks, service marks, copyrights, patents, etc. The customer further represents that he/she has the free, full, and unqualified right and authority to purchase and grants the seller the rights to sell all of the materials described on this web site. The customer acknowledges that the seller shall assume no liability for compliance or non-compliance with said laws, rules, agreements, etc. The seller hereby disclaims all such liability, if any. The customer agrees to indemnify and hold seller harmless from and against any loss, costs, fees, fines, licensing fees, penalties, damage, and/or assessment, or other expenses (including any attorney fees which may be incurred by seller) which may arise as a result of the sellers application, fabrication, and/or production of materials described on this web site. The products contained on the web site are for demonstration purposes only and do not indicate or imply that any such designs, logos, or names may be reproduced without proper authorization or permission. Certain national Fraternities & Sororities require official licensed vendors to pay royalty fees on purchases. Some customized products may not be available (due to licensing agreements and/or other availability issues) for all organizations.

We reserve the right to brand garments with the KF logo. We intentionally make the KF logo small and inconspicuous so that it does not interfere with or draw attention away from the garment’s design. The KF brand signifies your apparel’s authenticity and quality. Our customers are proud to have the brand on their apparel.

While every attempt is made to produce perfect orders every time, producing apparel and promotional products is an industrial process and hence is prone to some level of error. In accordance with industry standards, Kulture Fitz is not responsible for loss of product within this 10% deviation per production event. Damage is always rounded to the nearest whole number.

When printing on customer supplied garments, we require a 10% misprint allowance or a minimum of 1 shirt per design per garment color, whichever is greater, with no penalty to us. Percentages are based on quantity of imprints, not quantity of garments. We strongly recommend that you order extra garments in each size, style and/or color in the event of misprints. Exact Quantities are not guaranteed and are not available on Rush Orders. Kulture Fitz will not be held responsible for consequential damages such as profit loss on spoiled goods.